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Project: Laser Cut Airplane

The Task: Choose a three dimensional object and build it in Rhino3D. Export the model and cut it i... weiterlesen
9.12.14 02:53

Project: 3D Printed Tile

The Task: Create a tile in Rhino 3D that has an area of ten times ten centimeter. Think of an inte... weiterlesen
13.12.14 20:17

Project: Golf-Putter

This project is not the outcome of an actual assignment. It was more the need for a certain object w... weiterlesen
16.12.14 07:18

Laser Cutter Experiment

This piece was not subject to a project in class nor was it presented there. While working at the la... weiterlesen
16.12.14 20:13

Final Project: Golf Bag

1. Introduction My final project is the logical next step of the process I described in the chapter... weiterlesen
17.12.14 01:45


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