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DIY Digifab: Research 1

Artist: Weilun Tseng

The artist has produced a set of modular components using 3D-printing technology. Depending on how the components are linked to each other they will form a diversity of usefull technical devices, such as a lamp, a hair dryer, a coffee warmer and many more.

What I like about the work of Tseng is that he is not only using the rapid manufacturing technology to create a nice looking tool. He applies the process to create objects that fulfill basic technikal functions (heating, lighting etc.). Further more he has made up a smart design of these components so that they can be reassambled. This change in the assambling leads to a completely different application which actually is a very clever idea with a stylish implementation on top!
28.8.14 03:52
Letzte Einträge: DIY Digifab: Projekt 1

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