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Laser Cutter Experiment

This piece was not subject to a project in class nor was it presented there. While working at the laser-cutting-machine I was wondering which materials could be processed with it. I knew that paper, cardboard, and wood are absolutely feasible. But I was curious which results stone would provide. I found a nice and flat stone of reasonable size in front of stuckman building and applied a black and white photography of a beautiful young lady to it. The first time I ran the machine you could hardly see anything. So I raised the contrast of the photography, slowed down the velocity of the cutter, and set the power of the laser beam to 100 %. Then I ran the machine another two times with these settings. The results I achieved by doing so were much better. I find the look of engraved stone to be pretty striking. Maybe future students in the field of art also find it interesting to work at the laser cutter with kind of unusual materials like stone.

16.12.14 20:13
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